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My name is Rachel, and I’m the business manager here at Picture That Property. We are a family-owned real estate photography company based in Oregon City, OR providing photo, video, and drone work and also specialty shots like aerials, twilight photos, and light paintings. Below is everything you need to get started with us. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Pricing Info

Yes, we know, the main thing on your mind is “how much does it cost” (although, really, we think the question should be “how amazing will your photos make my listings look?”). Take a moment to review our current price sheet.

How To Book

If you know what you want and are ready to book, we can either set up your shoot through email, text, or phone; or you can book online by clicking the enormous button below (smaller ones are everywhere, and those work, too).

Once you choose your property’s square footage, the next screen will let you can select your preferred shoot options and it will show you the available shoot times on the calendar.

After you choose your time slot, the next screen will have you input the listing address, how our photographer will be getting into the property, and any special instructions. The last screen handles your credit card information and submits the booking (no charge is made until the shoot is complete, and security is handled by Square; I never see your card info except for the last four digits).

When that’s all done, I will take a look at the booking from my end, make sure everything looks good, and email you a confirmation.

If you would prefer to book via email, text, or phone, please forward me the same information minus the credit card info, and I will set it up from my end (that is a little slower due to the back and forth, but I’m happy to do it that way if you would prefer).  My contact info is at the bottom of this page.

Scheduling Notes for Drone & Twilight Work

Aerials and Drone Flyovers are weather-dependent (rain splatter on the lens doesn’t produce awesome pictures, and high winds don’t work super well to fly in either). Please pick the time and date you want, and I will keep an eye on the weather. If it looks like it’s going to be uncooperative, I will keep in contact with you and we will re-schedule if necessary.

If you would like Twilight Shots or a Light Painting, please book a 3:00 appointment; however, your shoot will almost certainly end up occurring later. I will check the sunset time and talk to our photographer, and then I’ll be in touch to finalize the time.

Come and work with us!

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Additional Services FAQ

Aerials & Drone Flyovers

Aerials are still photos taken by drone and are helpful if the front of the house has obstructions like trees, is on property, is near something you want to show off, or if you just want an extra-beautiful primary exterior shot. Aerials are the Glamour Shots of real estate photography.

Drone Flyover Videos  are fully-produced videos shot by drone and edited to music, often with graphical overlays outlining the property or listing features (actually, we haven’t seen anyone else do that but us, but it’s extremely slick and helpful).

We also do Combination Standard Interior/Drone Exterior Videos that combine the best of beautiful interior video with the sweeping grace of drone exterior footage.

Video Tours, Zillow Walkthroughs, and Virtual Tours

Video Tours, are fully-produced videos complete with professional editing and a beautiful musical score. They tend to run about 2(ish) minutes long.

Zillow Walkthroughs are low-cost, bare-bones videos that are mainly useful because Zillow displays listings with Walkthroughs at the top of their search results. They are only visible on Zillow and Trulia, and Zillow’s requirements for them are very strict: they can only be shot on Zillow’s phone app, can’t be longer than two minutes, and have no music or editing capabilities.

We have a special phone stabilizer and special phone camera lens plus 25+ years of video experience to help make our Walkthroughs smoother and easier to view. How do these differ from Standard Video Tours? Glad you asked! Here’s the rundown: Zillow Walkthroughs vs. Standard Video Tours.

Virtual Tours are complimentary slideshows (upon request) of your still photos set to music.

Twilights & Light Paintings

Twilight Photos are beautiful primary exterior shots taken during magic hour for perfect, soft lighting.

Light Paintings, which are also primary exterior shots taken during magic hour, are specially lit and shot section by section and then composited from the multiple photos during editing to produce one beautifully dramatic photo.

Twilight Photo v. Light Painting | Picture That Property

Expedited Processing

Expedited processing guarantees your photos will be to you by midnight on the day of the shoot as opposed to our more typical delivery time of within about 24 hours. Not available for video.

How To Find Us

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