We’ve had a couple of projects in the last week that nicely exemplify different things you can do with drone flyovers.


The first is a listing from Carol Gronvold of Premiere Property Group. The property is just over eight forested acres in Tualatin, and as such was an excellent property for drone flyover. For this one we did a fair amount of higher altitude flying as well as some graphical overlay showing the property outline and features. You get a real sense of how secluded the house is from both the neighbors and the road.


The second listing is from Marybeth Kostrikin from Equity Oregon Real Estate. This untamed little place on the Pudding River in Aurora sits on stilts and has a definite bayou vibe going on, which makes it very unusual for our area. The location on the river and property stand out here, so we did a lower-altitude flyover. You definitely feel like you could just climb right into the boat outside and push off into the river anytime you need to clear out your thoughts.

If you have a property that you think would benefit from a drone flyover, our final day to book for the $100 off drone promo is Friday, September 30th. Just give me a call, and have a lovely weekend!

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