Hey, guess what? We’ve made an exciting discovery. Okay, it’s not that exciting, and it’s not exactly a new discovery on the scale of, say, finding alien life or inadvertently landing on a new continent but thinking it was actually the old island group you were trying to reach in the first place. After three months of gross weather, we noticed that all our exterior shots look like this (except for the ones that look like that plus snow):

Not so bad, right? Pretty nice! Beautiful green grass, beautiful red house, beautiful gray sky… This is a great shot that looks like your typical Portland day. However, once in awhile you may want a great shot that looks a little less typical and more like sunshine visits here occasionally. Perhaps something like this:

Look! We’ve just made the sun shine. Ohhh, how I wish I could actually make the sun shine. This is the same shot as the first one except that the gray sky has been replaced with blue sky in the processing phase. It’s not a huge change, and it’s not a change that is probably a big deal for many shoots (in general we’ve gotten pretty good at making clouds look like a dramatic addition to the photo; alas, the clouds on the day these were shot were not terribly cooperative).

For some homes, though, blue sky really does add that extra oomph to the photos. We can also green up grass in summer if you need it. Both operations require a fair bit of extra time and are charged per shot.  Here are the two shots side by side for easier comparison:

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Wonderful marketing ! I’ll be using you…impressed with your services!

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Thank you, Jan, that’s very kind. Can’t wait to work with you!

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