The last couple of weeks have brought us a few days of beautiful weather, colorful trees, and interesting drone flyovers. On the 21st we did one for our friends at RareBird, who are in the middle of a new construction project and wanted a video showing the property and house in progress to use as a pre-sale tool. Great idea!

The vibrant trees, the purple sheen on the rooftops, and the forest-y appeal of the home itself make this flyover and home feel warm and relaxed. If you have a client that might be interested, get in touch with Tyler Combs at tyler@myrarebird.com.

While we were in the air, we also took a couple of aerials:

Aerial Drone Photography, Portland OR | PictureThatProperty.com
Aerial Drone Photography, Portland OR | PictureThatProperty.com

Kind of makes you feel sad for people who don’t live in the area, doesn’t it?

Drone flyovers are weather dependent because flying them in wind and/or rain tends to end with a crashed drone or a video of rain splatters hitting the camera lens, and oddly no one seems to want that. At the moment our flyover days look like they will be Tuesday and Thursday, which have the nicest weather. If seeing pretty leaves in the video is important to you, than you’ll want to book for Tuesday, which is tomorrow, so please email me asap. Every time I go outside now I stare at all the trees and think to myself, “How many good shooting days are left before the leaves are gone and we have to shoot really tall toothpicks?” I’m pretty sure that’s not what the phrase “enjoying nature” means, and it may or may not imply that I’m working too much.

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