My brain slithers helplessly before giving up entirely and dissolving into mush on Monday mornings (yes, I know it’s 2pm. Shhhhh…). Since it only wants to look at beautiful and/or silly things as it boots up for the week ahead, today’s post is a handful of pictures and a giveaway.

Here are my four favorite images from listings we’ve shot in the last few weeks (click on the image to get to the listing):

Light Painting at 485 NE 58th Ave. in Hillsboro.

Thomas Kinkade minus the extra schmaltz?  

Boat on the Pudding River at 15602 NE Arndt Rd. in Aurora.

Bottle of wine and river monster not included.15602-NE-Arndt-Rd


Detail for a renovation project in NE Portland (sorry, no link).

I like the rusticity of this shot  and the little alarm clock (rusticity? Word/not a word? Well, it’s a word now because I’m using it…). I had a clock just like it in college when I was going through some sort of vintage phase. Do you know how loud those suckers are??? Mine didn’t last for very long.


Detail from a recent Gresham shoot that is already off the market.

This says crisp fall afternoon to me and makes me want to go outside. Then it makes me want to immediately go back inside and drink cider.1690-sw-lillyben-ave-34


And now, because I assume you need a reminder on proper procedure for this (I did)… Silly Walk Gait With Instructions (you’re welcome!).

Click through if you want to enlarge and read it all. The resolution is clear enough in large sizes.


cc license Jazeen Hollins

cc license Jazeen Hollins


Oh! I almost forgot the giveaway.

In honor of John Cleese and his silly walk (see the original Monty Python sketch from whence this came), the first person to post a picture and/or video in the blog comments of themselves doing a silly walk gets $25 off their next shoot. But really, please post even if yours isn’t first because I’m dying to see all you guys’ silly walks. I might even post mine…


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