In Fall 2019 we upgraded both hardware and software, which increased our speed dramatically for both shooting aerials and processing sky replacements. The savings in time for us translates into savings in $$ for you. Yay!

Every qualifying residential shoot now includes the following
You don’t have to do anything special to get these. They come automatically with your shoot.

      • Up to 3 free aerials
      • Complimentary sky replacements on exterior shots

There are a couple of exclusions due to things beyond our control (we’d just give everyone freebies if it were up to us).

      • Aerials
        • No aerials in rain or high wind. It’s bad for the drone electronics. Our photographer will make the final determination for feasibility on site; but if you absolutely need aerials and don’t want to risk missing out due to poor weather, please check the weather monitoring box in the Specialty section at the bottom of the booking page and we will keep an eye on the weather for you and reschedule if necessary (or you can skip paying us for that and monitor and reschedule on your own if you want to futz with that).
        • No aerials within five miles of an airport tower (PDX, Hillsboro, Aurora). This is an FAA requirement, and the newer drones have this hardcoded into them, so they won’t even take off.
      • Sky replacements – No sky replacements when it rains (clouds are fine, though). Seems a little counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? This is actually a technical issue. Rain creates a shiny, glassy look on the ground, which is not easily removed, and which then clashes ridiculously with newly blue sky.Think about it like scrapbooking. You can add things to a physical photo, you can cut sections completely out of a photo and replace them with something else (which is essentially what sky replacement is), but it’s pretty tough to erase shiny-ness from a street in a photo because the erasing takes the street with it and then there’s nothing left on the photo.

        George (our lead photographer) is a Photoshop wizard, so he could do it. It just takes so long that it would cost like $100/photo instead of $0/photo.