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Does Staging Really Make a Difference?

Vacant homes present unique challenges. A property devoid of all furnishings may be a lovely place, but getting that across in photos can be very difficult. Why is this? Empty...

03 03 2018 / Posted by Rachel Shubin
Specialty Shots: Sky Replacement and Grass Greening

Hey, guess what? We've made an exciting discovery. Okay, it's not that exciting, and it's not exactly a new discovery on the scale of, say, finding alien life or inadvertently...

22 02 2018 / Posted by Rachel Shubin
Video Tours vs. Zillow Walkthroughs – What’s the Difference?

I get questions about Video Tours fairly often, specifically "What are they?" and "How are they different from Zillow Walkthroughs?" Mostly, what they want to know is what justifies the...

04 02 2018 / Posted by Rachel Shubin
Are Smart Phone Pictures Good Enough to Use in Your Listings?

Can't I Just Use My Smart Phone Camera? In today's world of internet real estate marketing, beautiful pictures are a must. Smart phones produce lovely photos these days, right? Won't...

14 01 2018 / Posted by Rachel Shubin
New Construction Flyover: 3344 SW Palatine St.

3344 SW PALATINE ST NEW CONSTRUCTION FLYOVER The last couple of weeks have brought us a few days of beautiful weather, colorful trees, and interesting drone flyovers. On the 21st we...

31 10 2016 / Posted by Rachel Shubin
Pretty Things: 4431 NE Alameda Shoot

4431 NE Alameda St. Last week we shot a beautiful, Old Portland home that was built in 1926 and then completely remodeled. The pictures came out so lovely that I've...

25 10 2016 / Posted by Rachel Shubin
Aerial Photography | PictureThatProperty.com
Aerial Photography: “…but trees are in the way!”

We hear this quite a lot from realtors: "I have this amazing property, but it has no angle for a good primary exterior shot, and the listing isn't getting much...

17 10 2016 / Posted by Rachel Shubin
Twilight Photo v. Light Painting | Picture That Property
Twilight Photography vs. Light Painting

Today we are going to take a look at two types of specialty real estate photography: Twilight Photography and Light Painting. What makes these two types of shots different from...

10 10 2016 / Posted by Rachel Shubin
Monday Pictures & $25 Silly Walk Giveaway

My brain slithers helplessly before giving up entirely and dissolving into mush on Monday mornings (yes, I know it's 2pm. Shhhhh...). Since it only wants to look at beautiful and/or...

03 10 2016 / Posted by Rachel Shubin
Tualatin & Aurora Drone Flyovers

We've had a couple of projects in the last week that nicely exemplify different things you can do with drone flyovers. Tualatin The first is a listing from Carol Gronvold of Premiere Property...

29 09 2016 / Posted by Rachel Shubin