This week’s highlight is a shoot we did at 3195 Edgemont Rd. in Lake Oswego that included both photo and video.

Below are just a few samples. The rest can be seen at the link above.

This was a complete remodel done by our buddies over at RareBird, and it came out so modern and sharp. Haris Wolfgang is the listing agent for the home. Best of luck with the sale, guys. Beautiful!


3195 Edgemont Rd-46

3195 Edgemont Rd-31

3195 Edgemont Rd-30

3195 Edgemont Rd-29

3195 Edgemont Rd-15

3195 Edgemont Rd-14

3195 Edgemont Rd-13

3195 Edgemont Rd-12


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